David’s tombstone at unveiling at family plot

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

David's tombstone at unveiling at family plot

One space left in family plot, on left of David’s (not visible in pic). My parents had bought the family plot when all were alive, and the fourth plot was for Lenny, David’s long-term partner, whom my parents accepted as part of our family. David and Lenny separated, and I suppose the 4th plot is now mine, awaiting my final visitation.

  1. B.g. Levy says:

    nice epitaph. is the grave in Hebrew Rest out by Gentilly Road? Near momie & papa?

  2. Ken LeClair says:

    Rest In Peace my dear friend in Jehovah’s memory until your resurrection in Paradise where death and sorrow will be no more an d He will wipe the tear from every eye…

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