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Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
Maxim Hoppens has pled guilty to the murder of David M. Goldberg and has agreed on a plea bargain of 40 years at hard labor. The judge has accepted this plea, as has the DA’s office, and the family of David.
Thanks to the heavenly lord above that we have been spared the ordeal and agony of a trial.
Now that this plea has been accepted, I am going to post the write-up of my meeting with Louise, Max’s mother. At the first aborted plea bargain hearing last month, when the judge ruled that the 30 year agreement all parties had made was not sufficient, Louise and I said hello to each other. I think a trial would have killed her. She looked seriously diminished as a human being from when I first saw her, when her defenses were still in place, when she was blaming David for his own murder, and when she was apparently still in denial about both what had happened and what was going to happen next.
  1. B.g. Levy says:

    it’s still so strange to think of not only the loss of David, but Lee’s loss 10 years or so ago. Thanks for carrying on the family tradition.

  2. Carey Rosen says:

    Thank G-d you and your family and everyone else – were spared the trying ordeal of having a trial with this pathological liar and killer. I am so relieved for you. It is also significant in that it is one step…among many…of the winding journey in grieving for this enormous loss.
    Although each of us journey in a different way, and our road is slightly different, yet we are all – all of us grieving – trekking in the same field. We – and specifically myself – share with you the long arduous road upon which we were compelled to travel. In all the ways we can all support each other, you are not alone. We stand by you.
    I am relieved with you, at this monumental junction.

  3. geri says:

    jane, i cry for you being struck with the outrageous saddness of your brother’s murder. and, i cry also tears of gratitude that you will not have to suffer witnessing a murder trial. love you, geri

  4. Ken LeClair says:

    Closure of sorts for Daid’s family and friends…no closure for Maxim’s..

  5. Goff, Rhonda M. says:

    Jane, I am very happy for your family and you that this ordeal is over. I pray that you may be able to move on and remember the David you knew, not David the murder victim. Peace to you and your family.


  6. Detective Rhonda Goff JPSO Homicide says:

    I am glad you and your family did not have to suffer through a murder trial. I have been through several and they are very hard on the family, having to hear the details of the murder. I will continue to pray for you and your family as well as Max’s family. Peace to all of you.

  7. Paul says:

    I am so glad to hear that everyone- Maxim, his family, you (most of all, and Art) and also David himself, to say nothing of the court– will be spared the ordeal of a trial. You have certainly had enough grief for one year. I wish I were there to hug you now.

    Your Detective Goff seems like a real mensch.

  8. Michelle Stannford says:

    So many affected by this tragic story and horrific crime. As an old acquaintence of Max from his neighborhood I still cannot see this in the manner that has been reported by all parties involved. Ms. Louise is one “tough cookie” and has a very dominating personality and I know that she ran her adoptive son into the ground emotionally and psychologically. This was no excuse for Max to have committed murder! NONE! It’s just that several of us have tried to piece together this mystery of David and Maxs’ “relationship/friendship”. We’re now all in our mid 20’s, friends of Max’s since 8 years old, have all hung out until we were 14( through all of Max’s “vacations” to boarding homes and facilities and Biloxi)and NOT once did Max exhibit any homosexual tendencies or interests or disdain for the homosexual community.As a Psychology Major in college now I’m still left with more questions than answers after reading your blog. I take no personal interest in Max today nor do I have a bias opinion. Max may very well be a sociapath in every sense and prison will not address his condition, prison will only add on to it.Yet, prison is where Max needs to be! Whatever transpired between Max and your brother is central to discovering the “why” of the murder. What “triggered” Max? How can Max LEGALLY understand his actions; and morally as well?
    My heart goes out to you, Mrs. Goldberg! This will live on with others for years to come for those that knew Max. One thing is certain, though….Max will never disclose the truth as most sociopaths do not have that moral compass to express remorse or honesty.

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