David Goldberg: a life in images

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

ImageJane’s and David’s beautiful mother in Cuba.

ImageMeyer Goldberg, Jane’s and David’s father, on his Harley. He rode from Georgia to Louisiana circa 1935.

ImageDavid Goldberg, Lee Goldberg, Mommie, and Jane with her cousin in her papa’s arms

ImageDavid around 13 years of age.

David in high school.

ImageDavid as the King of the Mardi Gras ball circa 1970.

ImageDavid Goldberg in his 40s.

  1. Marita says:

    Your mom was a beautiful woman. Looking forward to the continued unveiling of your rich history and insight as to how one grieves. My own grieving process is still in progress years later.

    • janegoldberg says:

      yes – my mother was a stunning looking woman. looked like Nancy Reagan. she never knew she was beautiful. I didn’t know she was either – she was just my mom. until my high school friends (thank you Cynthia) started telling me how beautiful she was. and – of course – not just beautiful – but the best mom ever. I never doubted for one nano-second how loved i was.

  2. Jane’s life just flashed before my eyes. I know this is David’s story, but because I remember Jane from so far back, he becomes the prism through which I see her world. And in large measure this writing project will become one in which Jane looks at–and through–David to give us a picture for herself. That’s not to say she’s in any way self-serving. Rather, she’s sharing everything she remembers so we’ll understand while she understands.

  3. lmp788@aol.com says:

    love seeing these old pics!!!

    • Geri WIlson says:

      jane – i am mesmerized by your stunning ability to share the beauty and the tragedy in your life. so much travels through my mind as i am nourished by your blog! “nourished”! that must seem strange. as in all your writings, you reveal the love you have deep within and your generous nature even at times of horror.

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